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Jonathan Segel

Some albums—more at music.jsegel.com

This page is redundant, I know.
Many more albums of all sorts can be found at music.jsegel.com or here on iTunes!
Some of the new CDs can be found directly from us at the music.jsegel page, otherwise visit CDBaby.
and check out Camper Van Beethoven .com of course, for information on touring and such.

All Attractions

A new guitar-heavy CD from Camper Van Beethoven multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Segel, extended solos accompanying beautiful and heavy songs. The CD (available from CDBaby, while it lasts,) comes with a bonus disc - Apricot Jam - of instrumental extended rock jams!


housed in a hand screen printed and numbered (edition of only 400!!!) cardboard cover by artist Michael Wertz, this cd contains 11 new songs that feature alot of guitar playing. recorded by Myles Boisen and Jonathan, mixed and mastered by the magnificent Chris Xefos, it's strong and beautiful.

Chaos Butterfly


part improvisation, part twisted songs, very electronic but with violin and voice (and wine glasses) atmospheric but disturbing, avant-garde.

Coming from various musical backgrounds, from Camper Van Beethoven and the Meredith Monk Ensemble to the opera, the orchestra, free improvisation and electronica, to the Cirque du Soleil, they perform here as a duo, using several computers, singing, violins, guitars, wine glasses, and more.

Apricot Jam

After the last basic tracks were recorded for the accompanying CD "All Attractions", John Hanes (drums), Victor Krummenacher (bass), Graham Connah (organ) and Jonathan Segel (guitar) jammed for several hours. These were 6 tracks, which started there, taken home and made into composition out of the improvisation, (which is always super fun.)

Edgy Not Antsy

Pop oddities, kinda like Eno's pop records of the mid-70s but a whole lot more now. or... now.


electro-acoustic music from a small house by a lake

A guide to the listings below:
Row 1&2: most recent, some electronic and some rock albums. "Shine Out" (2014) "All Attractions" (2012) and "Honey" (2008) are the main albums, "Apricot Jam" is the bonus disc that came with "All Attractions", all instrumental. "Turn Slowly..." is some outtakes and extra music from the period between these albums. "The Space..." is built from an outtake of  the track Interstitial Undertow from "Honey". "Storm Starts Stopping" is instrumental music from teh summer of 2014.
Row 3&4: rock albums in reverse time-sorted order, 2003-1988
Row 5: electronic and electro-acoustic music, 2001-2007, in order of accessibility (!) most to least.
Row 6: electroacoustic/improvised music from Chaos Butterfly.
Row 7: Dent (1995 and 1998) albums, a crypto-supergroup, and Sideways (~1993?) a SF rock band.
Row 8: the "Plane Crash Tapes", #1 is from 1992 or so, the others gathered up and put together a few years back. All outtakes and generally weird things. All sorts of music, from any of the other potential rows...
Row 9: Film scores. Features and shorts.
Row 10: Dance Company music, from several different dance performances over the past 20 years or so.