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Jonathan Segel

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Jonathan Segel's "Superfluity" album cover

double CD "Superfluity"

New album of songs and everything you love in an album

Available from Floating World UK

Sista Maj "Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy" album cover

double LP "Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy" from Sista Maj  Intrumental  space drone love on Adansonia Records


Sista Maj "Series of Nestd Universes" album cover

double CD "Series of Nested Universes" from Sista Maj  Intrumental postrock space drone love


Jonathan Segel's "Shine Out" album cove

most recent CD

2014 album of "homemade" music. CD sold out. Digital.

available at



Jonathan Segel's "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" album cove

Digital only collection of "greatest hits" from the past 25 years

available at



All Attractions

Jonathan Segel's "All Attractions" album cove


CD edition of 300 is sold out,

New pressing available!

Record Heaven &



Apricot Jam

Jonathan Segel's "Apricot Jam" album cove

Original CD

(bonus disc with

All Attractions!) sold out,

new pressing available! 

digital also at



Jonathan Segel's "Honey" album cove


CD available at CDBaby, or from me directly (or at shows) digital available at music.jsegel.com 


Jonathan Segel's "Storytelling" album cove



digital available at music.jsegel.com 


this video is for the song "Sleep for a Hundred Years" from Superfluity (2017)
For more information, links, contact—and blog posts!—see the CONTACT PAGE
see ARCHIVE.org for recordings of shows from recent Øresund Space Collective!

NEW: recordings of Eastern EU shows from Spring 2019!

NEW Sista Maj "The Extreme Limit"  Digital only
also: "Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy"
in digital and 2xLP out on Adansonia Records!
upcoming shows:
Winter, Spring and beyond, 2020

in Finland! two solo sets, playing with L Don Ōkami

Friday Feb 21, 7:30pm at Bar Ö in Turku, FI

Saturday Feb 22, 8:30pm at Terassi Pub Yläkerta in Tampere, FI

I will sing some songs and maybe play some weird music

you know, as I do.

Øresund Space Collective

May 21 — Stengade, København, Denmark

May 22-23rd— Spaceboat VII, Hamburg, Deutschland

August 22 — Cressando Festival, France

October 2 — Høstsabbat, Oslo, Norway


More as they coalesce. Let me know if you need me!

(...possible acoustic tour with Victor Krummenacher in the fall in the EU!)

NEW Øresund Space Collective studio album
"Experiments in the Subconscious"
Also be sure to check out:
"Live in Liepaja, Latvia", "Kuudes Linja Helsinki 2018"
"Live in Tampere, Finland" & "Freakout in the Fjord"
January 2020: "Experiments in the Subconscious" studio album!

You can find a free download of Jonathan Segel & Band improvised concert at the Camp-Out XV on the bandcamp page:

...and go read my blog. I moved all the old information from here over to there!
New releases, (name your price) electronic and electro-acoustic music,​
"Moving Through Loneliness", "Artificial Relics" and "machines"
Go to jsegel.bandcamp.com and click on
"Buy Digital Album" and enter $whatever-you-want to download it!
And if that's not enough: 

As usual, I'll put my experiments on SoundCloud. Here's an old piece I dug up and some new electronica, revitalizing old SuperCollider patches after SuperCollider v 3.1.0 came out. 

































Love Will Travel   full movie available online! 
Music can be found at jsegel.bandcamp.com










Recent albums available on CD or digital download: