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NEWS! After 3 years on Floating World UK, I have the rights back for
"Superfluity", the double CD—now available digitally on Bandcamp!
a recent review from the AstralZone!
NEW ALBUM "Outside Inside" Aug 7 2020
Read all about it here:
a long essay on the how and why of this album of music.
Speaking of long essays, an interview by Scott Heller on his music blog:
Here's a Chris Cacavas tribute album we contributed to: Songs From the Fans
upcoming shows:

Øresund Space Collectives: 

July 10: Loppen, Christiania/Copenhagen 

CVB: none. solo shows: none


I have been recording some covers for various tribute albums and lots of overdub recording for various people, including several Astral Magic albums!

Meanwhile, crank these to your neighbors:

The Transatlantic Space Connection
Stemming from a Jan.'20 session in Athens, GA, finished in Stockholm, SE
Featuring bass by Bryan J Howard and drums by Carlton Owens,
both known for their work with Cracker as well as numerous other projects!
NEW Øresund Space Collective studio album
"Four Riders Take Space Mountain"
Also be sure to check out:
"Vastavirta 2019", "Live inWarsaw 2019",
"Live in Liepaja, Latvia", "Kuudes Linja Helsinki 2018"
"Live in Tampere, Finland" & "Freakout in the Fjord"

Superfluity CoverFinal.png
(this is from the album listed below)
Jonathan Segel's "Superfluity" album cover

double CD "Superfluity"

New album of songs and everything you love in an album

Available Now on bandcamp

Sista Maj "Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy" album cover

double LP "Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy" from Sista Maj  Intrumental  space drone love on Adansonia Records

Sista Maj "Series of Nestd Universes" album cover

double CD "Series of Nested Universes" from Sista Maj  Intrumental postrock space drone love


Jonathan Segel's "Shine Out" album cove

most recent CD

2014 album of "homemade" music. CD sold out. Digital.

available at


Jonathan Segel's "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" album cove

Digital only collection of "greatest hits" from the past 25 years

available at


All Attractions

Jonathan Segel's "All Attractions" album cove

CD edition of 300 is sold out,

New pressing available!

Record Heaven &



Apricot Jam

Jonathan Segel's "Apricot Jam" album cove

Original CD

(bonus disc with

All Attractions!) sold out,

new pressing available! 

digital also at



Jonathan Segel's "Honey" album cove

CD available at CDBaby, or from me directly (or at shows) digital available at 



Jonathan Segel's "Storytelling" album cove



digital available at 


Recent albums available on CD or digital download: