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(this is from the album Superfluity)
For more information, links, contact—and blog posts!—see the CONTACT PAGE
see for recordings of shows from recent Øresund Space Collective!

see for recordings of Jonathan Segel solo or in various combos!


Jan 13 at Larry's Corner, Stockholm:
furniture music for art show, Victor Rangner's  "Does It Still Pop?"
Jan 26: Øresund Space Collective in Göteborg, SE
Feb 16: Jonathan Segel & L Don Ohkami, Club Ö, Turku, FI
Feb 20: Jonathan Segel & L Don Ohkami, Tampere, FI
May 10: JES with Mattias Olsson at Larry's Corner, Stockholm, SE
May 16: Øresund Space Collective at Lygtens Kro, Copenhagen, DK
May 17 & 18: Øresund Space Collective on the Spaceboat in Hamburg!
May 24: JES with Donald Lupo at Larry's Corner
June 15: JES with Mattias Olsson at IPO Stockholm, Encore Club
July 12: Øresund Space Collective at Thy Lejren Festival, DK
Aug 9: Hasse Horrigmoe's Tangle Edge at Kafe Haerverk, Oslo, NO
New ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE  studio album, "Carnival In Portugal" out in Dec!
New tape of JES songs out NOW: "Shitty Nuggets"
Cassettes available in the US. It's a full C-90, blast it on yer boombox.

This year will have a lot of electronic music after a residency at the

Stockholm Elektron Musik Studios, plus 2 new versions of Chaos Butterfly!

and 2 Supercollider + guitar releases and five EPs of a Buchla-based series, including "Spaceman With A Suntan" and "Super Music Simulator"

Most of the 1990s rock music is now remastered and on the Bandcamp site  
Jack & Jill and Hieronymus Firebrain albums on the digital streamers now
Many others, including Camper Van Beethoven, Sista Maj
and Øresund Space Collective can also be found in the digital world.
Solo albums here:
 an interview by Scott Heller on his music blog:
 Øresund Space Collective spent Sept 5-12 recording at 
Estúdio Paráiso Nas Nuvens in Portugal, Scott Heller's brand new facility! Mixing is happening now. 
see videos of last year's solo shows at Larry's from
Oct 19, 2021 Jonathan Segel at Larry's Corner, Stockholm, SE
9/15/21: Opening for a Film
7/7/21: A Hot and Humid Afternoon 


lots of studio tanning playing guitar and violin on

many of DJ Astro's Astral Magic albums!

Plenty more upcoming music, recording with Mattias Olsson at Roth Händle Studios:

A beast  of a project with Tangle Edge's Hasse Horrigmoe

A project with ØSC's synthesist Mogens Deenfort and bassist Jiri Hjort

Recent Øresund Space Collective live albums
Høstsabbat Oslo 2021
Berlin Freakout 2019
Live in Dresden
Also be sure to check out:
 "Vastavirta 2019",
"Live inWarsaw 2019","Live in Liepaja, Latvia"
"Kuudes Linja Helsinki 2018", "Live in Tampere, Finland


Jonathan Segel's "Superfluity" album cover

double CD "Superfluity"

New album of songs and everything you love in an album

Available Now on bandcamp

Sista Maj "Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy" album cover

double LP "Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy" from Sista Maj  Intrumental  space drone love on Adansonia Records

Sista Maj "Series of Nestd Universes" album cover

double CD "Series of Nested Universes" from Sista Maj  Intrumental postrock space drone love

Jonathan Segel's "Shine Out" album cove

most recent CD

2014 album of "homemade" music. CD sold out. Digital.

available at

Jonathan Segel's "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" album cove

Digital only collection of "greatest hits" from the past 25 years

available at

All Attractions

Jonathan Segel's "All Attractions" album cove

CD edition of 300 is sold out,

New pressing available!

Record Heaven &


Apricot Jam

Jonathan Segel's "Apricot Jam" album cove

digital also at

Jonathan Segel's "Honey" album cove

digital available at 


Jonathan Segel's "Storytelling" album cove



digital available at 

Recent albums available on CD or digital download:
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